Boulder Access Marina Inc.

2016 Lease Contract


26000 Boulder Access Rd.,Boulder, Illinois 62231    Phone: (618) 226-3223




1.                  Assignment of dock space shall be the prerogative of the Lessor, but all efforts consistent with good business practices and the rights and desires of other renters will be exercised in an effort to assign dock space desired by the Lessee. In general, a Lessee occupying dock space one year may continue to occupy the same space in subsequent years, but this privilege is not guaranteed by the Lessor. Lessee may be transferred to another dock if it is Lessor’s desire to convert the usage of the dock to boats of a size or type other than that owned by the Lessee.

2.                  Wherever applicable, this lease is also subject to the lease between the U.S. Government and the Lessor and the Rules and Regulations pursuant to Title 36, U.S. Code are made a part hereof and incorporated herein and the Lessee agrees to be bound by each and every one of them. The Lessor shall have full power in the matter of interpretation, amendment, and enforcement of all said conditions, rules, and regulations, and any such amendments when made and brought to the attention of the Lessee shall be and become a part hereof as though duly incorporated herein and subject to all the terms and conditions set forth herein.

3.                  Lessee desiring to convert dock in any manner, add extra padding or buffer strips, install mooring arms, boat lifts, or installation of dock lockers, or make any extra use of utilities must first secure the written permission of the Lessor, and said Lessee may be required to pay additional charges for additional services or facilities.

4.                  Lessee agrees that only reasonable and customary use will be made of the docks and facilities covered hereby, and that no unnecessary wear and tear, disturbance, nuisance, rubbish or garbage will be permitted on the dock or premises, and that the Lessee will keep dock and premises covered hereby free and clear of gear, tackle and other obstructions and will deposit all rubbish and garbage in containers provided by the Lessor, and further agrees to throw nothing in the water of the harbor. There are to be no open fires on the docks or aboard vessels within the Marina property.

5.                  Lessor will not be responsible for any personal injuries or property damage caused by or growing out of use of said dock, harbor, or other facilities; the use of said facilities being entirely at the risk of the Lessee as to theft, fire hazards, vandalism, continuity of electrical service, high or low water and other so called Acts of God. Lessor does not carry insurance covering the property of the Lessee; it being the responsibility of the Lessee to adequately insure his/her property. Lessor shall take reasonable action possible to protect the property of Lessee, but acts only as an agent of the Lessee. If mechanical defect or Act of God places the property of the Lessee in danger of destruction or damage, the Lessor shall be entitled reasonable compensation of such action in behalf of the Lessee.

6.                  It is agreed between the parties that the Lessee shall not assign, transfer, or permit the use of assigned dock space by another party.

7.                  The lease year shall normally be twelve months from March through February, inclusive of the following year, but may be for any other period as agreed by the Lessor and the Lessee. Lessee shall be bound by the terms and rate structure described on page 2 of this lease. The Lessee agrees to notify the Lessor on or before January 30th of each ensuing year of intent to renew or terminate said lease.

8.                  The Lessor reserves the right to lease or refuse to lease to any person for any good or pertinent reason.

9.                  The Lessee agrees to abide by the rules and regulations posted, or hereafter posted by the Lessor for the operation of the Harbor and the actions and conduct of the public.

10.              In general, a Lessee may work on his or her own boat if such work does not interfere with the rights and privileges of other persons or violate Environmental Protection Agency standards but a Lessee may not use the services of any other dealer, mechanic, craftsman, or other person on the premises of the Lessor without first securing prior approval of the Lessor.

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11.              Lessee may not cancel a yearly contract without consent of Lessor, and Lessee is responsible for any unpaid dock rent even if Lessee does not use dock. Lessee agrees to advise Lessor of intent to move boat from harbor before actually removing it.  Lessee agrees not to remove boat unless account is paid in full. If Lessee becomes delinquent in rental payments, the Lessor shall have the right to take over the property of the Lessee, and to secure the property to the dock occupied, or to store it in any other secure location or manner. Dock space made vacant by the removal of property of the Lessee shall then be rented to another Lessee at the discretion of the Lessor. Items left on the dock, such as bumpers, lines, steps, and storage lockers, become the property of the Lessor thirty (30) days after the termination of this lease, if not removed. Lessee’s property is subject to the Illinois Labor and Storage Lien Act.

12.              All property belonging to Lessee not located around the Lessee’s assigned slip shall be clearly marked with Lessee’s name. Unmarked property will be considered abandoned by the Lessee and will become the property of the Lessor.

13.              No solicitation of any kind will be allowed by anyone on Marina property without Lessor’s approval.

14.              Use of Boulder Marina and its facilities is limited to current lessees, customers and authorized guests as determined by the lessor. Lessee shall be responsible for the conduct and actions of his/her guests.

15.              Lessee agrees to be bound by lessor’s current, standard lease and fee structure in the event lessee fails to execute a current lease and has property remaining on Marina property. This in no way relinquishes the lessee’s responsibility to maintain a current lease with the lessor.

16.              Lessee is obligated, as a minimum, to pay twelve months of slip rental and the seasonal electric fee unless remaining in Dry Storage.  Electric fee covers only occasional and/or weekend use.  Additional electrical use may require meter installation and monthly charges at the expense of the lessee.  No charge for Dry Storage if paying for slip rental for same boat during same period.

17.              Rent for Slip Rental or Dry Storage shall be payable in advance, and shall be due on or before the 1st day of each month. Any rent not received by the 15th of each month shall incur Lessee a $15.00 administrative late fee. Furthermore, Lessee will incur an additional $15.00 administrative late fee for every month said account remains in arrears. Interest at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% APR) will also be charged on past due accounts over thirty (30) days. Lessee agrees to pay all lessor’s legal costs, including attorneys fees, associated with the collection of past due fees and the enforcement of this lease. Lessee also agrees that legal venue shall be in Clinton County, IL in the event of court action.

18.              Signed lease and March payment must be received by February 15th to be assured of same dock location as the previous year. March payment shall include slip rental, electric fee and boat trailer/cradle/jackstand storage fee (if applicable). April through November slip rental payments are due the 1st day of each month. December, January and February rent and additional electric fee (if applicable) is due with November’s rent.

2016 FEES


1.      $6.25 per foot per length of boat (min 18’) per month during twelve month contract period (March 1 through EO February) No monthly slip rentals.

2.      Electric Fee per season (1 Mar-EO Feb) 24 ft. and under $40.00.  25 ft. and over $70.00.

3.      Overnight docking: $1.00 per ft. (min 18’) or $100/week.  Day docking only: $10.00 per day

4.      $90.00 per month. No charge if paying for slip rental for same boat during same period.

5.      Boat trailer/cradle/jackstand storage:  $70.00 per year if kept on Marina property while boat occupies a slip.


A.   Lift to Pull/Launch boat to/from cradle/jackstands/ trailer $140.00

B.     Pull/Launch Boat on Trailer $90.00

C.    Power wash boats: 24 ft. and under  $35.00 25 ft. and over $45.00 plus $1.00 per min over 30 min.(24’& under)/40 min.(25’& over)

D.    Labor Rate:  $70.00 Hr (30 minute min)

E.     Lift to or from truck $7.50 per foot.



Dec. 2016 – Feb. 2017

$50.00 per month additional if boat is connected to electricity.


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The undersigned Lessee agrees to the terms and conditions as set forth in this 12 month lease.


Amount pd. W/contract $_____________________________(Minimum is one month slip rental + electric + Cradle/Jackstands/Trailor storage(if kept on Marina property). (Dry storage minimum is two months)


I hereby authorize Boulder Marina to debit my (circle one)  Visa   MasterCard  account at the beginning of each month for fees and services incurred and priced as outlined in this contract if such fees have not already been received by the 1st of the month or within 30 days of completion of any service work.

Credit card #:________________________________  Expiration date:________________


Boat Make/Type________________________ Length (LOA)______________ Width_______Draft_______


Cradle/Jackstands/Trailer  (Circle one):   Will     Will not  (Circle one)  be kept on Marina property while boat occupies a slip.


Boat: Will     Will not  (Circle one)  be kept on Marina property during winter period (Dec-Feb).


Boat is expected to:  Occupy a Slip         Remain in Dry Storage   (Circle one)

(See paragraph #16 of this lease contract.  If Lessee moves boat to a slip at any time during the Season, Lessee will be obligated, as a minimum, to pay for 12 months slip rental and seasonal electric fee or the daily/overnight/weekly rate for the period lessee’s boat occupies a slip.)


Boat Registration Number/State of Registration.__________________________________________________


Boat Name _______________________Current/Requested slip # or Dry Dockage_____________________


Boat Insurance Policy #, Company and Phone #_________________________________________________


Lessee’s Address __________________________________________________________________________


City ________________________ State_________ Zip __________________________


Home/Business/Cell Phone #s_____________/_______________/____________ E-mail ________________


Veh. #1 make, model & color: _____________________ Veh. #2 make, model & color: ________________


Emergency Contact Name: ________________________Phone #___________________________________


Agreed this ______day of __________, 2016


Lessee’s Printed Name ______________________________Spouse/Co-owner_________________________


Lessee’s Signature: __________________________________________ Date __________________________


By Lessor __________________ BOULDER ACCESS MARINA INC.     Date ______________________

Send this sheet with payment to: Boulder Marina, P.O. Box 216, Carlyle, IL 62231




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Boulder Marina

2016 FEES

Length (LOA)

Monthly Rate

Season Rate (12 months)






























































March payment shall include slip rental plus electric fee and trailer/cradle/jackstand storage fee (if kept on marina property during twelve month season). April through November slip rental payments are due the 1st day of each month.  December – February rent and additional electric fee (if applicable) is due with November’s rent.


1. Rate: $6.25 per foot per length of boat (LOA, 1/2 foot rounded up, min 18’) per month for twelve month contract period. No monthly slip rentals.

2. Electric Fee per season (1 Mar-EO Feb) 24 ft. and under $40.00.  25 ft. and over $70.00

3. Overnight docking (past 6:00PM): $1.00 per ft. (18 ft. minimum)

Weekly docking:  $100.00

Day docking only:    $10.00 per day



4. $90.00 per month.

5. Boat trailer/cradle/jackstand storage: $70.00 per year if kept on marina property while boat occupies a slip.  No charge if paying weekly or day docking rates.




A. Lift to Pull/Launch boat to cradle/jackstands/ trailer $140.00.

B. Pull/Launch Boat on Trailer $90.00.

C. Power wash boats: 24 ft. and under  $35.00 25 ft. and over $45.00 plus $1.00 per min over 30 min.(24’& under)/40 min.(25’& over).

D. Labor Rate:  $70.00 hr (30 minute min).

E. Lift to or from truck $7.50 per foot.



Dec. 2016 – Feb. 2017

$50.00 per month additional if boat is connected to electricity.


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